Which teams have the best shot at the 2018 English Premier League

Updated: January 3, 2018

There are a lot of questions coming up for who will win the Premier League. Questions such as will Chelsea keep the title again this time? Which players will shine, and who will fall? Who will we lose and who will we gain? There’s even some side betting on which manager will be gone first. There are twenty teams fighting for the esteemed title, and though the various teams have been playing better than ever for the year, it will probably still end up the usual 6 that will take the top. Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham, Manchester United, and Arsenal.That’s not to say that one of the other teams can’t make it to the top, but generally, these are the teams that have the most power.

Manchester City

Manchester City looks very strong for this season, and are well ahead of the pack in points. They are taking this season seriously and have prepared well for it. When searching for football betting tips online manchester city will be at the top of almost every list. Their team has some serious depth to it and they have been buying players to keep the momentum going. The bookmakers place Manchester City as the favorite for the win with some even putting them at 1/100. We agree Manchester City will be the one to watch.

Manchester United

Manchester United got off to a great start with a 4-0 win over West Ham, but they seemed to lose steam when Pogba got injured. Mourinho said that there are are some big names coming, so we will have to see what he has up his sleeve, but it better be a big sleeve. With the talent they have now and still being so far behind in goals, and being so many points behind Manchester City, there needs to be a bit of magic. The bookmakers still place them as the second strongest favorite with some odds around 20-1


Chelsea won the last season of course, and they believe they are on track to win this one, however, we believe they may be a little optimistic. Chelsea hasn’t signed anyone new at this time and they are losing Costa, which we believe will be a serious blow. Chelsea could be overconfident this season, but we will find out soon enough. They are running up to 60-1 on some sites, almost worth taking a risk.


Liverpool is an exciting team to watch, they have an amazing attack team, and are very aggressive. They sometimes seem to score goals at will, but, they just do not have the defense they should. Liverpool needs to get out the checkbook and pick up some defensive players and make a more well-rounded team. Without that, they will be fun to watch, but won’t have much chance at the title. The bookmakers place them at over 100-1 odds.


Though they have not won for 10 years and have little support from the fans and bookmakers, we believe that they could be a possible threat. They are ranked 4th and have a large desire to bring themselves back from the oblivion they have been in. They could be the upset team this year. If you are feeling lucky you can try and cash in on some of those 250-1 odds, though we have seen as high as 500-1.


Tottenham is playing very well, but it feels like by the numbers, they seem to lack passion in their play. They have some good transfers and players coming in, but they need to light a fire under them. They have not won for over 50 years, and I think if they want to make it, they are going to have to start showing some desire. They play well, but the games are not that exciting to watch for us. The bookmakers agree with the odds running around 200-1.

We believe that Manchester City will probably be the winner this year, they are still far ahead, but, as we have seen many times in the past, nothing is certain, Arsenal could upset the apple cart and make a move for it, or any of the other teams, there is time. So let’s hope for some exciting games and truly enjoy this season.

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