The 5 best football memes and tweets that summed up Brexit this week

Updated: June 28, 2016

The internet never fails to soften the blow when the bearer of bad news comes knocking. After a highly controversial decision by the country to vote leave following ‘Brexit’ last weekend, England’s shambolic exit from the European Championships only piled more misery on those back home in Blighty (minus Scotland et al of course).

For those looking to find comedic comfort in the misfortunes of their beloved country this week, take a look at some of these tweets and memes below.

  1. ‘Bang leave on the counter attack’

This savvy tweeter realised that it’s not necessarily the possession that counts, it’s what you do with it. Hence why with less than 50% of the vote @Herrrbb believes we should just lump the proverbial ball up to Vardy and hit the leave voters from Brexit on the counter attack.


2. ‘#keepthefaith’

The financial fall-out from Brexit wasn’t pretty. After seeing the pound drop to a 31-year-low, one Facebooker urged people to keep the faith, using the analogy of Spain’s 2010 World Cup win which started with a first round group game defeat to the Swiss. It must be pointed out however that whilst Spain did recover from an opening game defeat, they had the likes of Andres Iniesta slipping on the Spanish shirt whilst the leave campaign have, well, erm…Boris.


3. Classic England

We’re struggling to disagree with Tunde on this one…

4. Second Referendum

We could have 100 referendums but the outcome would always be the same.

5. New Bus

We’ll just leave this last one here. Some eagle eyed viewers will notice it carries a surprising resemblance to the bus Iceland were supposedly meant to ‘park’ before they just decided to beat England by playing better football instead.

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