Sterling departure a reflection of lack of ambition at Anfield

Updated: May 26, 2015

raheem-sterling-liverpool-southampton-premier-league_3205623Just as the curtains were set to close on this Premier League season, Aidy Ward aka Raheem Sterling’s agent, came out in a bizarre rant this week to slay the club saying “£900k-a-week would not keep him at Anfield”.

Anfield’s metronomic Ian Ayre cancelled the contract talks today, yet Rodgers showed how a good communication “technician” he is by saying that Raheem is happy at Anfield and that their relationship is unharmed, without forgetting to add that the kid has “character”.

So, Liverpool are battling hard to save some dignity after losing a piece of their soul this week, by mishandling the Stevie G situation and forcing Mr Liverpool out of Liverpool.

Where does this leave us?

Apparently, there are two explanations for this situation:

  • Raheem is a money-bragging, greedy, badly advised, extremely talented youngster. The boy hasn’t achieved anything, enjoyed special treatment since catching the patronage of King Kenny during his short helm and is now in favour of maximising his premium.
  • Raheem is Liverpool through and through, he is Red and has got the balls to lead a rebellion that will ultimately force FSG’s hand into axing Brendan Rodgers and getting a Jurgen Klopp caliber of a manager.

In his famous interview with the BBC, the 20-year old said that he wants to win trophies that he wants to play at the highest level and carve his name in golden letters just like Liverpool legends before him.

It is not wrong to admit after Gerrard’s farewell last week that the irrefutable loyalty shown by the likes of the Zanetti’s, Maldini’s and Totti’s of this world are now almost extinct.

Yet the Anfield faithful are hoping that this Raheem uprising will lead the owners to rethink their strategies and start working on “achieving potential”.

The Liverpool family would have understood the concepts of “potential” and “future” three years ago. But after so much money down the drain and three seasons without a trophy and on top of that a manager that has recruited unspectacularly to say the least during his tenure, it’s safe to say patience on Merseyside is growing thin!

Liverpool needs winners, Raheem is a winner and with the loss of so many winners since Sterling was promoted to the first team, he has every right to question the plans of the club.

Apparently, the ball is in your court Mr. Henry, it is up to you to show the Kop that you’ve got the “character”.

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