Separating football’s superbrains from the terrace dunces

Updated: March 28, 2014

Like many sports, football has its fair share of anorak fans. They’re the ones who own DVDs of their favourite team’s finest moments, who post regularly on forums and have books dedicated to the club’s entire history at home. They also act as a source of knowledge for fellow fans, but how have they managed to tackle the most fiendish of tests?

An online quiz asked fans the question – how well do you know your team? Created by Ladbrokes, it comprised of 10 questions about every facet of the 20 current members of the Premier League’s history as well as a few records.

Each team is then ranked in a league table according to the average score posted by each club’s set of fans. Right now, the smartest of the bunch are Crystal Palace fans.

Strugglers turn league on its head

Of the clubs with an average score of at least 6/10, many of them are seen as being more modest including Palace, whose fans scored on average seven out of 10 correct answers.

Cardiff City, Hull City and Southampton have had their glory days, but all three have been in the lower reaches of the football pyramid in the past few decades.

Stoke City are one of the exceptions to this rule. The Potters have averaged 3/10 so far and, at 3%, have the highest proportion of fans who failed to get a single question right.

Not too far ahead of the Midlands side, struggling Norwich City’s average score is 4/10. Like Stoke, they have been through most rungs of the league ladder and have only got recent successes in the past three decades.

Big teams = casual fans?

Many of the bigger teams in the top-flight are stuck somewhere in the middle, with 5/10 the most common result for their fans. Perhaps it’s the case that the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and the two Manchester sides have their fair share of casual fans that seldom go to games.

They might not be so familiar with their team’s past, possibly dragging down average scores in the process.

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