Points to keep in mind when betting on football matches

Updated: September 7, 2017

While you can always take help of services like SBAT football predictions to bet strategically on football matches (and it’s recommended too!), it is always better to do some due diligence on your own before punting with your hard-earned money or even just using up a free bet. There are basically two kinds of punters that bet on football games: the ones who punt for fun and the ones who punt to win. No matter which category you fall into, your ultimate goal should be to beat the odds of the bookmakers. Although football is a very unpredictable game (which also makes it all the more exciting!), you can follow certain guidelines and significantly improve your winning chances.

The first rule for any football bet should be to have absolute clarity and confidence about – what to bet on and how to bet. In addition, you must also take the following points into consideration before placing any real-money bets:

Home and away wins

Comprehensively go through the home and away statistics of the teams under consideration. While some teams play exceptionally well on their home grounds, others are very good at away games.

Team form

Always pay heed to the recent performances as well as the current form of the team. It’s advisable to go through the recent match reports to ascertain if the team was unlucky owing to some very specific reasons, for instance, goalkeeper not having a good day, key striker being injured etc., to make better betting decisions

Team morale

Check out the current motivation levels of the concerned teams and how a win/loss may impact their chances in the competition. Whether that team is dead serious about scoring points, or they just wish to continue at the domestic level, and so on.

Team news

You should always be on top of the happenings in the team/s. Always stay clued-in about player suspensions and injuries. Missing players and their abilities can often be the deciding factor in the outcome of the games. You should know everything about the players’ records and who is replacing whom.

Team schedule

It’s important to be aware of the concerned team’s schedule before you place any bet on it. You should know if it’s running pretty tight in terms of its itinerary, as it may impact the fitness and energy levels of the key players. Furthermore, you must also be aware of the importance of the current and the next game for the team and whether the previous one was heavily demoralizing for the players.

Head-to-head record

Football is one game where the history often repeats itself, time and again! You must delve into the past records of head-to-head encounters between the two concerned clubs, and find out which team holds an edge in the upcoming match.

Apart from the above, there are some other simple guidelines you must follow, for instance, abiding by a well-thought-out betting system, placing only affordable bets, avoiding betting at the start of the season, learning from mistakes, avoiding betting on unknown league/teams and more.

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