John Terry’s Injury & Why It Means Another Centre Back Must Be Bought

Updated: August 8, 2016

Chelsea’s final preseason match end with a 4-2 win over Werder Bremen. In the final minutes of the match John Terry took a knock to the head which saw Michael Hector brought in. There was a gasp amongst Chelsea supporters as he was struck on the side of the head with a Werder Bremen player’s hip bone. If you just feel that boney part of your hip, you know that it isn’t pleasant.

After laying on the ground motionless for what seemed like an eternity, Terry finally arose to great relief among Chelsea supporters. Thankfully it wasn’t as serious as it looked at the time, but it was an indicator of Chelsea’s issues with their back line.

They have long been linked with bringing in a new center back, from Stones last season, to Koulibaly and Mustafi this season. It seems Chelsea are always looking for JT’s replacement and not finding it. Some of that has to do with his excellent form under Jose Mourinho’s first two seasons back with the Blues. Without Zouma, who is out with an ACL injury, JT’s pace is severely exposed though.

Not only that, Zouma will continue to be out for at least 2 more months. The partnership of Cahill and John Terry used to be the envy of the Premier League, but that partnership has aged and gone. The final preseason match against Werder Bremen showed this assumption. They were caught stagnate and flat footed quite a few times.

Now with this injury, it’s hard to say if this will be a recurring thing this season because of his age. We all know how strenuous the Premier League can be on the body, and with any injury it becomes harder to recover the older you get. With Zouma injured as well, this could spell a disaster for Chelsea. Terry was already earmarked for a smaller role at Chelsea, injuries like this one can only push him farther away from first team action.

Chelsea more now than ever, will be looking to bring in a center back to bolster their depth. With a center back signing, they would have Terry, Cahill, Zouma, Hector, Ivanovic and who ever the signing may be. That would leave Chelsea with enough amount of back up in that position, considering we are continuing to use Ivanovic at right back. And with Christensen’s stand out performances last season during the first year of his two year loan with Borussia Mönchengladbach, Chelsea can look forward to bringing him in next season.

They still have the issue of Zouma’s injury and Terry’s age to deal with for this season though. Terry is becoming unreliable to play weekend and week out at this level, but still integral to the atmosphere in the dressing room. So the question still remains, Who to bring in to the Chelsea defense, and when that happens, what will be the best line-up?

With Zouma’s displays last season before his injury, it’s almost a guarantee he deserves a start when he’s healthy. Zouma partnered with a new center back would be the ideal situation, but he covered for Terry admirable last season and is capable of doing it when he is healthy. If Chelsea are to bring in a new center back though, we will be seeing a lot less of Cahill and a lot less a Terry.

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