Has Manchester City won the Premier League Title already?

Updated: November 22, 2017

Manchester City is certainly looking in a very commanding position in the Premier League table right now. They are way ahead of the second placed Manchester United by no more than eight points lead. Both teams won their respective matches this Saturday,maintaining their point’s difference in the table. Manchester City outclassed Leicester City2-0, while Manchester United also defeated the Newcastle team 4-1. It is worth remembering that just recentlyCity defeated Arsenal 3-1 in the important game while the United team lost against Chelsea 1-0.

Right now they are looking as if they will even break the 95-points-in-a-Premier-League record of Chelsea, who had won the season of 2004-05 by averaging 2.5 points per match. Currently, Manchester City is averaging 2.82 points a match.

The probability of Manchester City winning the title seems very likely at this stage.Still, anyone betting on any other teams do not need to lose hope, as history of the Premier League tells us that many unexpected things have happened in the past. Still one needs to do one’s research before placing the bets. Success often depends on probabilities, and wild guessing rarely makes anyone successful.

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Back in the time of 1993-94 season when Sir Alex Ferguson was the manager, the Manchester United team was dominating the table with 11 points difference against their nearest rival after playing 13 matches. And that lead reached 16 points by the end of the year. Yet, their massive lead evaporated in a period of just three monthswhen they faced a defeat, with just two wins in six games and being at the top only due to goal difference. Though they won the title in the end after pulling themselves together.

The Newcastle team had a 12 points lead in the 1995-96 season when their collapse started. The Newcastle team faced a run of five defeats over the period to enable Manchester United to grab the title in the end.

Both the heavy leading United and Newcastle teams at that time were looking as unbeatable as Manchester City is looking right now. Therefore, the eight points leading City is by no means invincible here.  Although they seem to be very prepared to bounce back even if they do stumble in the coming months due to any injury or some other reason.

It is been two months that Captain Vincent Kompany is out of the team due to a calf injury, but even if the City team are without their best defender, they don’t seem to be that much affected. Pep Guardiola had brought in Benjamin Mendy who proved himself a reliable player for the City’s defense until he too injured himself out of the team. But even that did not shake the spirit of City, as Fabian Delph came along as a perfect replacement. Additionally, their very important player Sergio Aguero was out of the team for a very short while, but that did not stop the City team from keep winning. Therefore, it is fair to say that Manchester City can cope very well with injuries and win matches.

Although Manchester City has a lot more challenging games coming up for them with matches against teams such as United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham, but still looking at their current performance it seems fair to say it would take a very tough team to beat them.  The current fixtures for City seem like not much of a challenge for them, because their coming matches are with the lesser ranked teams of Leicester, Huddersfield, Southampton and West Ham. It is only in December that things are looking to get very interesting as they will face their old rivals Manchester United in Manchester derby. Therefore, before the big match, the massive points lead of City is not looking to lessen any.

With such a massive lead of Manchester City over the others, it looks like the real battle will be among the other teams for the second, third and fourth places in the Premier League table.

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