Former Liverpool star says the Reds will not qualify for the Champions League

Updated: September 4, 2015

Former Liverpool striker Craig Bellamy feels that the Reds will miss out on Champions League football once again.

Liverpool have invested heavily this summer to improve their squad and making a return back into the Champions League should be seen as the bare minimum for manager Brendan Rodgers.

However, Liverpool have not yet looked convincing so far in their performances and with the competition for the top four as fierce as ever, the Reds earning an entry back into the Champions League is anything but certain.

Former Liverpool star Craig Bellamy has been following the events at Anfield over the summer very closely and while the Welshman has been impressed by the team which the Reds have managed to assemble, he does not think Rodgers’ men are strong enough to claim the coveted spot in the top four.

“I’d love to say they can qualify for the Champions League but I feel they will fall a little bit short of that again this year,” Bellamy told Daily Mail.

“I think [Christian] Benteke is a brilliant signing – he’s definitely a player who is going to do well. They’re desperate for [Daniel] Sturridge to have an injury-free season as he holds a lot of the keys as to how Liverpool will do.”

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