Diego Costa Out, Romelu Lukaku In?

Updated: August 8, 2016

With the transfer market closing at the end of this month, clubs are racing to finish up their business and looking for those final deals to make the squad more formidable.

One rumor that has been abundant this year is Diego Costa leaving Chelsea. The reasoning behind these rumors are him being unsettled with life in England and not playing in the Champions League. Or at least that is usually the reason for these rumors.

So with constant rumors linking Costa away from Chelsea, we get the rumors of bringing in another striker. We have already brought in Michy Batshuayi, who came off an excellent season at Marseille, scoring 17 in 37 appointments. We have also seen a lot of rumors surrounding Alvaro Morata, and that along with Arsenal, Chelsea may be looking to buy him from Real Madrid.

But the stand out rumor is without a doubt, Chelsea signing Lukaku…again. Only sold two seasons ago to Everton from Chelsea, we are once again linked with buying the big man. A proven goal scorer in the Premier League, and with the rumors surrounding Costa it’s understandable that these rumors are being circulated. That and Lukaku has expressed his wishes to leave Everton for a bigger club one day. Ouch.

But will the move happen? Nothing has indicated that Costa is unhappy or looking for a move away from Chelsea. In fact, he has just recovered from an injury that has been keeping him out of the preseason matches up to this point, and upon being fit, immediately began to receive some playing time. So to say he looks unsettled would be too soon at this point. He is gaining fitness, playing minutes and overall looks to stay this season.

Now with that being said, this is modern football and things change quickly in regards to transfers. So anything can happen between now and the closing of the market.

If this were to happen, Chelsea would without a doubt have to go into the market for another striker, and who better than Lukaku. He is already familiar with the club, and the players here. His playing style suits Chelsea’s new brand of football. Lukaku may still be raw, but he has continued to perform well in the Premier League. So it’s easy to understand why these rumors are being generated.

If Chelsea are to sign Lukaku as a replacement, they will be putting a lot of faith into this youngster. He has led the front line for Everton for 2 years now, but can he do it for Chelsea and for what they plan to achieve? All hypothetical of course, the answer would have to be yes. He shows the confidence to lead from the front, and has that hint of selfishness you want in a striker. One might say he could be the next Drogba…

Oh wait… Isn’t that what we signed him for in the first place?

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