City boss tells fans to place their bets now, as the best is yet to come

Updated: October 5, 2017

If you had walked into a bookmaker a month ago and put £10 on Manchester City scoring 16 unanswered goals in three premiership matches, you would be counting your winnings and laughing all the way to the bank. Of course, a month ago, it would have seemed like a crazy bet to make, but according to Pep Guardiola, the team have barely hit their stride – so perhaps it is not too late to bet on them increasing that tally to 26 over the next two match ups.

Guardiola told reporters that with strength in depth, every member of the team knows that if standards drop, they will find themselves on the bench. He said: “If the next guy is playing good, they have to play good. They have to keep winning. That’s how you get the best performances.”

Tougher challenges ahead?

It has been something of a stealth attack from The Sky Blues. When they thumped Liverpool 5-0, it was seen as an indication of tough times at Anfield. When they repeated the feat against Crystal Palace, pundits said it was only to be expected in the wake of Frank de Boer’s recent departure. And while the 6-0 victory over Watford handed The Hornets their first defeat of the season, many were quick to point out that it was Watford’s first match against a real top flight club.

However, taken in combination, it is impossible to ignore the fact that City are looking like the team to beat this year. They will face Chelsea on 30 September, and although another huge win seems improbable, any kind of victory will make their progress something that can no longer be ignored.

Time to place that bet?

It is easy to be wise after the event, but when it comes to looking forwards, the football betting sites are the perfect place to explore to get an unbiased view on just how good a side really is. These days, the digital world gives us a huge range of football betting options, so what is on offer in both the short and long term when it comes to City?

All the major bookmakers see City as slight favourites to win at the weekend, with typical odds in the region of 6/4. Chelsea are by no means seen as underdogs, however, with most sites offering around 7/4. Given that it is such a close run thing, the draw at 5/2 is a compelling option.

Anyone who thinks City can repeat the 5-0 heroics should certainly put their money behind their convictions – some sites are offering odds as long as 200/1, which would represent a handsome pay day.

Longer term, can City really go all the way and relive of 2012 and 2014 by claiming the Premiership title? The response from the bookies is a resounding “yes.” Every one of the top sites has them as odds on favourites, even at this early stage. Perhaps Guardiola is right and the best really is yet to come.

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